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Sleigh Bells announce new mini album, share new song “And Saints”

Noise pop/indie pop duo Sleigh Bells (Derek Miller, Alexis Krauss) are back with some new material this November. Coming November 10th. Kid Kruschev, a self described mini LP, will mark the return of the band almost exactly a year after last year’s full length LP Jessica Rabbit. The mini album will be comprised of 7 new tracks, and will be the second release on the band’s own label, Torn Clean.

Along with the announcement, Derek Miller had this to say:

“Alexis moved north of Brooklyn recently, somewhere with trees and cliffs, providing us with a new space to write and record without pissing off neighbors, so that’s what we’ve been doing. We didn’t want to wait another year or two to release something. We like the idea of putting out shorter records at a more consistent rate, so we’re gonna give it a shot for a while, see how it feels.”

The band also shared first single “And Saints” which you can listen to below.

Check out the album art and tracklist for Kid Kruschev below.


01 Blue Trash Mattress Fire

02 Favorite Transgressions

03 Rainmaker

04 Panic Drills

05 Show Me The Door

06 Florida Thunderstorm

07 And Saints

Head over here to pre-order Kid Kruschev now.

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