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Beach House drop tour-inspired “Pay No Mind” video



Back in May, Beach House dropped what we can now maybe safely say is one of the best albums in their incredible discography with 7The new album sees the band adding in new textures and sounds into their core style, while still retaining the magic that makes them great. It’s not only one of the best albums from the duo, but one of the best albums of the year. Since its release, the band have shared a number of great, stylistically different videos for singles. And today they’ve shared another with “Pay No Mind.”

“Pay No Mind” is the second track on 7. It plays flawlessly in the sequence of the LP. It comes right after the driving, spacey “Dark Spring.” The way in which it flows from that opener is one of the best small details from the album. As a single, it may come off a bit slow without the album context. But it nevertheless remains a great standalone track too as it shows the band slowing things down, letting singer Victoria Legrand’s voice take center stage.

Directed by Michael Hirsch, the video for “Pay No Mind” compiles a bunch of live footage into a quick-cutting sequence that tends to lean heavy on the audience as well as the band’s gorgeously lit live show. It’s a nice reminder of the compellingly majestic nature of seeing Beach House live. It’s also a chance to try and spot yourself in the audience if you’ve seen the band on tour from 2015-2018. So, keep your eyes peeled. Or just get lost in the beautiful details. Check it out below.

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