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BLA/ALT Music Festival set for Oct 21

Black Alternative Music Festival, [BLA/ALT].

[BLA/ALT] is not a second, it’s not better than, it’s also not another option.

Black Alternative [BLA/ALT] is another inclusion for the black identity.

This project initiated by LeAnna Eden and Umbrella Mindz Studio will support the building of Charlotte’s already rich music scene by providing a platform for both local and national black alternative musicians to share their art and talent.

Although Black music, in general, is alternative… Out of the 100+ alternative, punk and indie festivals that are slated between now and the end of the year throughout the United States, less than a handful of them are focused on black musicians as the headliners of their festivals.

Even fewer are providing a showcase that highlights and celebrates black alternative musicians and bands specifically.

Hosted at the historic Camp North End, a site which mirrors the festival’s themes of preservation of culture and legacy building, this space is over 75 acres in total.

Initially known as the Charlotte Army Missile Plant, where the name ‘CAMP’ originated from, today’s Camp North End development is a project that will transform a previously vacant and underused space while preserving the facility’s rich history.

Local performers include: LeAnna Eden and The Garden Of, The Business People, NigeHood and The Folk Rap Band, and LOFIDELS, among others on the main stage.


Brian Cetina

Co-founder of Nü Sound. Co-founder of MadPark Designs.

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