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Grizzly Goat; The New Rustics
May 29 @ 7:30 pm
Grizzly Goat

Grizzly Goat

“The band’s music speaks to those who fine solace in the woods, find awe in the great expanse of the desert, who can hear the mountains calling to them.”–Tahoe on Stage, Reno, NV

Grizzly Goat’s music is as the band’s name suggests, undomesticated. Grizzly’s blend of folk-rock spans the entire breadth of the Americana genre; from soft and sincere campfire ballads to rocking electric harmonica solos on top of pounding drums and flailing banjo.

The band is hardworking and tireless. They’ve brought their rootsy compositions from coast to coast in their white passenger van. Whether at a festival or a small scale BBQ joint, Grizzly Goat’s aim is to connect with their audience on an individual level, building a relationship with each listener.

The New Rustics

The New Rustics

Singer/songwriter Jeff Robinson may not have the image you would think of for a southern rock style band, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover! A NC native who has in the past called Charlotte home, now leads a new Americana/roots rock band ‘The New Rustics’, who have been compared to legendary artists such as The Allman Brothers, Tom Petty, Uncle Tupelo, and Arlo Guthrie among many others. Basing their music off of classics in an attempt to bring back a southern rock genre that people still long for, The New Rustics have added a modern day twist to a classic rock style. Fusing elements of country, rock, and folk, intertwined with light jams and meaningful lyrics, The New Rustics are making their way in a highly competitive industry. ‘I sing about home a lot, because well, almost everyone can relate to that. There is definitely a theme to my songs that if you pay attention you will hear; traveling, family, music, becoming the best version of yourself, mistakes made, and of course, girls, haha.’