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Aarodynamics + Audacity Brass Band
Jul 5 @ 10:30 pm


Aarodynamics is a synth funk/hip hop duo out of Charlotte, NC. A strange amalgamation of styles and heavily improvised live sets ooze with 80’s synth funk, 90’s gangsta rap, and modern lyrical stylings. A full scale assault on popular music as we know it, Aarodynamics puts together the most memorable show you will ever see. Live instrumentation, large improvisational sections, and subversive hooks make a concert that transcends any one genre of music and embraces a new era of Americana which draws off the past 40 years of popular music and culture. Hip hop, funk, soul, metal, jam, EDM, and more leave the door open for a new kind of Americana music. Fully live, booty shaking mayhem, Aarodynamics aren’t a band many forget about.’A complex beat / jam-session emerged culminating in the moment when he threw down his flow out of nowhere. The whole room shot to attention and started clapping and hollering. It was beautiful.’ – The Capitol Heights After Action Report

‘Aarodynamics is the music project of Aaron Malander. Starting off as a solo project near DC, Aaron has now paired with drummer PJ Lemmon to melt faces and shake booties.
Using a loop pedal, Ableton Live, and an arsenal of instrumentation, Aarodynamics crafts live music on the spot. With a combination of live drums, samples, and beatboxing, butts shake, lips quiver, and the house gets down.
There is no stopping the onslaught of sickeningly fiendish funk, gangsta rap, granola jam, and untz wobble edm.’

Audacity Brass Band

Audacity Brass Band

Audacity is a 10-piece new-wave new orleans style party band that plays a wide range of covers and originals. Our style includes everything from hip-hop and funk to rock, latin, blues and pop. Every member has college education and training in music. From a fat tuesday second line to a street festival, shrimp boil, or a crazy saturday night, Audacity can do it all.
Audacity has performed high capacity music venues such as: The Broadberry (Richmond, Va), Martin’s (Roanoke, Va), The Camel (Richmond, Va), The Whiskey (Wilmington, Nc) and was also selected for the 2019 Rockn’ to Lockn competition and won the semi-final round (finals on 4/20/19).