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May 31 @ 9:00 pm

It Looks Sad. (Tiny Engines)
and Rock Hill, South Carolina‘s Gardeners
with special guests Haybaby
and Charlotte’s own Dollhands


Unified Souls First Anniversary w/ Dj Mark Francis
Jun 8 @ 10:00 pm – Jun 9 @ 2:00 am

We (UNIFIED SOULS) are extremely happy to announce and invite everyone to our first anniversary!!
It is with great excitement that we (UNIFIED SOULS) present to some and introduce to others, for the first time in Charlotte Nc, our brother (MARK FRANCIS)
Once in a lifetime you come across a producer that truly personifies the music genre.
Welcome to the sounds of producer/DJ Mark Francis. Pennsylvania born, New Jersey bred, DJ Mark Francis has become a force to be reckoned with. Right hand to the legendary Timmy Regisford, a resident at Club Shelter, and liaison to so many in dance music, Mark exemplifies the sound and movement of New York’s underground that’s has translated from New York to the world.
An avid music listener and collector, Mark Francis first experienced House Music in 1992, after hearing ‘Follow Me’, by Aly Us, he was intrigued and wanted more of this unique sound. After listening and studying the artistry of the insanely talented DJs, vocalist, and producers that influenced his career such as Omar Abdullah, Tyrone Francis, Timmy Regisford and Jihad Muhammad, and DJ Spen, Mark has developed his own niche; an innate ability to ride and blend tracks that take the dancer on a rhythmic journey as well as create them.
He was inspired by the legendary DJs that came before him like Tony Humphries on 98.7 KISS FM, and Louie Vega on HOT 97. In 2006, he met friend and basketball rival DJ Adam Rios who introduced him and his diverse tunes to DJ Timmy Regisford of NYC’s infamous Club Shelter. It wasn’t until 2008 when he debuted at the WMC Club Shelter Party in Miami, that he was able to share his gifts and joined the Club Shelter family. Affectionately known as the “Human IPod,” Mark Francis’ wonderful musical perception, as well as his passion for Deep, Afro, Soulful House, and R&B remixes have paved the way for a vibrant passionate future in music as a DJ and he has traveled the world from Greece, London, France, Portugal, and Italy spinning in the nightclubs throughout in notorious clubs with his brand and style. He looks forward to continuing to share his energetic musicality venturing into a new movement, embracing all that he has learned from the mentors he studied and surrounded himself around. Be sure to catch him when he arrives close to you to experience the sounds and vibe enter into the energy of DJ Mark Francis

Stray Fossa
Jun 12 @ 7:30 pm
Stray Fossa

Stray Fossa

Drawing on mixed musical inspiration absorbed from parents’ record collections, the Nick and Will Evans got their start organizing regular free concerts with childhood friend Zach Blount in their hometown of Sewanee, Tennessee. Today, after a six-year hiatus, their creative process has reemerged in the face of opposing artistic tastes, yet shared obsession to make more sound than one would expect from a three-piece.

The band’s debut EP, ‘Sleeper Strip’ (2018), garnered praise from notable blogs and magazines, such as The Wild Honey Pie, Obscure Sound, and Whurk Magazine. Compared to the likes of Beach House, Real Estate and The War on Drugs, the release yields a “nocturnal vein of rock with strong melodic elements” – a “heart-rending blend of garage rock and dream pop” with “consistently superb vocal deliveries throughout”. Outlets were quick to applaud the songwriting, home recording and self-sufficiency in music production. Stray Fossa’s third single, ‘Commotion,’ released in September 2018, received positive reviews as a ‘compelling unconventional’ take on shoegaze, and following a successful stretch of shows up the east

Knowne Ghost* PNLTYBX * Futurists
Jun 14 @ 8:00 pm – Jun 15 @ 12:00 am

5 piece rock n roll band who enjoy long walks on the beach and the occasional candlelit dinner

Pnltybx bnd
Pop-punk band out of Raleigh, NC

Knowne Ghost
Indie Rock incorporating simplicity with memorable melodic textures

Futurist Alex Di Leo Cody Lovaas
Jun 25 @ 7:00 pm


FUTURIST is the “Alt Rock, Psychedelic-Pop” rocketship launched in Brooklyn, NY, with a unique take on psychedelic rock, dance-able grooves, and earnest songwriting achieving a sound best described as ‘future-classic.’ By virtue of experimentation, a multimedia vision, and an energetic delivery, FUTURIST creates a wall of sound that inspires and uplifts audiences with their own style and modern mythology.

With appeal for both lovers of space-age and vintage, FUTURIST has been likened to the visions of Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, and Spoon. The band is known for its associations with folk-lore and psychedelia, with elements of this culture permeating the group’s instrumentation, effects, and composition.
Their debut 2011 LP War Is Yesterday laid foundation for the anthemic duality found throughout the band’s core sound. The Deli Magazine NYC wrote:

‘FUTURIST hearkens to the past with the sounds of strings and colonial drumbeats, but the underlying darkness meshed with sunny demeanor proves they offer enough light to burn.

Alex Di Leo

Alex Di Leo

Every song from Alex Di Leo is an automatic escape from day-to-day life, a retreat into a state of mind that’s more hopeful and carefree and full of possibility. With his soulful vocals and crystalline melodies, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter delivers an impassioned breed of indie-pop that melts away everyday worries and leaves the listener inspired to live more fearlessly.
Cody Lovaas

Cody Lovaas

Cody Lovaas is a Californian singer-songwriter and guitarist who grounds his simple and confessional lyrics in soulful vocals, melodic performances, and smooth pop production. Lovaas plays with the boundaries of pop, acoustic, and electronic music, crafting a variant that retains pop’s effortless melodies while exchanging the genre’s cosmetic compositions for sincere and wistful love stories. 

Lovaas’s records have premiered on Billboard, Idolator, Culture Collide, Ones to Watch and We Found New Music. In 2017, he released his debut single, “Lie,” which garnered over 5M plays and appeared on Spotify’s Chill Vibes and Pop Chillout playlists. The following year, he dropped “Find,” a single produced with artists Shallou and Kasbo that reached 17M streams as well as “Prove It,” which earned 3M streams and a place on Starbuck’s Coffeehouse playlist. Lovaas’s most recent releases Talk Slow and Finally Fallen gained over 50 playlist placements as well as Apple Song Of The Day. Both songs are from his upcoming EP which will release May 31st. 

Lovaas was fourteen and performing at an intimate open mic in his hometown of Carlsbad, CA, when he caught the attention of Jason Mraz, who began to mentor him and develop him as his protégé. Lovaas quickly emerged as an intuitive and prolific songwriter. Throughout his teenage years, he found his way up the coast and into studio sessions in Los Angeles. Today, his writing draws on a youth spent falling in and out of love in a small beach town and demonstrates the restraint and maturity of a seasoned artist.

Sounds on the Square Featuring Caleb Hawley
Jul 26 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Bring your lawn chair and join us for Sounds on the Square! This free event takes place at The Square at Spirit Square. Concessions and beverages will be available for purchase. This event will be moved indoors if there is inclement weather.

Caleb Hawley is a Harlem-based, Minneapolis-raised singer, songwriter, and producer. Combining catchy melodies with dark and satirical lyrics, one has to be careful not to slip while dancing in a puddle of their own tears. Popdust proclaims “Caleb Hawley is the pop star pop music has done nothing to deserve, but desperately needs. The production of every song is attention grabbing, bringing the listener on a rollercoaster of 80’s vibes and surprising emotional layers.”

Hawley’s music is elevated by stellar, out-of-the-box live performances (he’s played over a thousand), backed by a slew of reviews noting his onstage charisma. He forms authentic connections with an air of openness, soulful singalongs and untethered guitar work drawing comparisons from Prince to Robin Williams.