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Cancer Bats release surprise new album ‘The Spark That Moves’

Canadian hardcore metal punks Cancer Bats surprised their fans today by releasing their sixth studio album The Spark That Moves!

“We were just tired of waiting,” said frontman Liam Joseph Cormier. “We spent all of 2017 working hard on this album, all while playing shows and talking with our fans, who were constantly asking ‘when can we hear new music!?’. We figured why make anyone wait any longer, let’s just drop the entire new album all at once. I know as a fan, I just want to hear everything right away, let me buy the record right now!  We figured, why not release our own music the way we want.”

Along with the album, the band has released music video for 10 out of the 11 tracks on the record. Each video is premiering now on media outlets worldwide Check them out below:

cancer bats spark that moves

  1. Gatekeeper
  2. Brightest Day

3. We Run Free
4. Space & Time
5. Bed of Nails
6. Headwound
7. Fear Will Kill Us All
8. Rattlesnake
9. Can’t Sleep
10. Heads Will Roll
11. Winterpeg

Get the album here.

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