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Car Astor drops throwback-styled video for “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak”



Stylish electro pop singer Car Astor has just dropped a visually captivating new video for her newest single “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak.” The track originally debuted towards the start of the year, but now it’s got the visual accompaniment it needed with the self-directed video. The video is very much a mashup of throwback styles from 90s era music videos, from the likes of Garbage, Placebo, and Foo Fighters. There’s not so much s clearly defined story, as more a visual feast of 90s tropes, complete with strange dark imagery, fisheye lenses and engaging performance footage.

Car Astor shared some words about the intention of the video, stating:

”I was able to look to many of my earliest musical influences and nod my head to them with the performance aspect of the video. It was such a blast. I really wanted to pull on the tension and desire that surrounds the lyrics of the song, and execute that in a symbolic, dark ‘me’ way. 

‘Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak’ is a song that really pushed me to grow as an artist, and this video did the same exact thing,” says Car. “I’m super stoked with the end result. The project was a true labor of love from start to finish.”

Car Astor may still be an up-and-coming artist, but with this newest single, she sounds determined to plant herself as a household name. She originally debuted music back in 2016, and has since spent time working on new material, growing along the way. With “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak” marking the start of more music rollouts throughout 2019, Car Astor is destined for a big year.

Watch the video for “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak” right here.

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