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Charlotte Center City launches Music Everywhere initiative

Imagine a city where every corner is alive with music. Where the proud growl of the Panthers stadium joins the joyful noise of a local shout band, the chime of clinking brewery glasses floats amid bluegrass picking and underground venues vibrate with the lo-fi fuzz of the next indie rock great. By creating a city where music can be found anywhere, we invite locals and visitors alike to find the music in everything. It is in preserving the rich music history of Charlotte’s past and protecting the ingenuity of our present that we ensure a future destined for stardom. Everyone from developer to educator, and artist to amateur, play a part in writing our symphony.

From our dynamic music DNA to nurturing the next household name, take one look at Charlotte and it’s easy to see that there is… Music Everywhere.


Brian Cetina

Co-founder of Nü Sound. Co-founder of MadPark Designs.

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