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Cloud Nothings drop dark, raw new song “So Right So Clean”



Cloud Nothings are set to release their fifth studio album Last Building Burning next Friday. The band kicked off the initial album announcement with a great lead single “The Echo Of The World.” And a few weeks ago they showed their more catchy punk side with “Leave Him Now.” And now they’ve shared the third single from the LP with “So Right So Clean.” And based on these three tracks the new album looks to be a worthy follow-up to last year’s excellent Life Without Sound.

Last Building Burning is said to be a conscious effort to retain the band’s energetic sound by presenting eight bursts of “controlled chaos.” Thus far, the singles have lived up to that soundbite. Last year, the band started to flex their muscles with a more produced sound. But the new LP looks to get right back into the hazy, noisy, blissful atmosphere of some of their best work. “So Right So Clean” is the prime example of this, laying on thick, dark, and moody guitar chords against vocalist Dylan Baldi’s raw voice. There’s even some of his strained yet emotive screaming. Check out the new song below.

Last Building Burning is out October 19 via Carpark Records. Pre-order it now.


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