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cody simpson don't let me go cody simpson don't let me go


Cody Simpson & The Tide release new single “Don’t Let Me Go,” accompanying music video



Whether under his own name or alongside his new project The Tide, Cody Simpson has a long history of releasing music that will pair perfectly with a late night summer dance party. That streak of great, danceable singles continues today, as Cody Simpson & The Tide have released new single “Don’t Let Me Go” alongside a new music video.

“Don’t Let Me Go” is smooth from the get-go, with tropical, billowing synths creating an echoing background for Simpson’s lyrics. Those lyrics involve a request for the subject of the song to join him for a full night of dancing and fun. While the song primarily stays in the sonic realm of a dance club pop jam, there are just a few hints of strings mixed into the background to give “Don’t Let Me Go” an intriguing musical blend.

cody simpson don't let me go

The music video for “Don’t Let Me Go” is equally enthralling. The video–shot entirely in black and white–begins with Simpson and friends heading into a local restaurant in search of some enchiladas (extremely relatable). The bartender informs the trio the restaurant is closed, but Simpson clearly takes a liking to her. This leads to a lot of flirtatious banter and dancing, followed by a magical nighttime car ride. Check out the video here.

It’s never too late to add to a summer playlist, and “Don’t Let Me Go” is the perfect addition.

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