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Conan Gray drops dreamy visuals & new single ‘Generation Why’ ahead of his first EP



Up and coming bedroom pop sensation Conan Gray has released new single “Generation Why” along with a soft music video filled with dreamy visuals, and it’s nothing short of an anthem for the current most despised generation.


Conan Gray is a Houston native currently living in the city of dreams, Los Angeles, California to attend school at UCLA. Conan is a Youtuber as well as a musician; you can find content such as covers, thrift hauls, art-tea(chatty videos while he creates art), favorites videos, vlogs with his friends or music videos for songs he’s previously written in his bedroom.

Gray was very recently signed to Republic Records and is currently working on his debut album. “Generation Why” is Conan’s first single released under Republic Records, and has amassed 618,000 streams on Spotify and 736,000 views on the music video on YouTube as of 10/12/2018- just nine days after it’s release.

Conan has also dropped merchandise on his website to go along with the music video and single just released, only available for a limited run. Get it here.

Gray has written original songs & uploaded them to his channel previously, in which his talent launched his music career. His first recorded single “Idle Town went viral on YouTube as well as blowing up on Spotify gaining millions of views & streams on both platforms. In a tweet on October 6th, 2018 Conan said:  “fun fact: idle town was originally named ‘stay till midnight’ and was a love song I’d written about my long-time high school crush. after they broke my heart, I changed all the lyrics and made it into “idle town”, a love song for my friends.” Some of Conan’s other original songs include “Grow”, “Treehouse”, “I Know A Place”, “You Think I’m Crazy”, “The Other Side”, and “Lovesick Boys”.


Local Wolves Issue 51: Conan Gray shot by Paige Sara

Gray’s fans have been anticipating his album release for quite some time, and he has dropped some hints saying it’s coming “sooner than you think”, and we can’t wait to hear what else that talented kid’s got.

Listen to ‘Generation Why‘ on Spotify

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