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Conor Oberst shares new song featuring Phoebe Bridgers, “LAX”



From his start at an early age with his band Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst has remained a mainstay in the indie music scene for years. HIs shaky-voiced singing and captivating, poetic lyrics drew in a legion of fans steadily as his transitioned from Bright Eyes into a successful solo career. Unsurprisingly, his music has been a major influence for a number of modern musicians who are now making waves themselves. One such artist is the great Phoebe Bridgers. Bridgers has made it no secret how big an influence Bright Eyes was for her. She even got to duet Conor Oberst on “Would You Rather,” one of many great songs from her 2017 debut LP Stranger In The Alps. And today, the two have joined back up again, this time with a new track written by Conor Oberst.

Conor Oberst’s new song is titled “LAX,” and if it may sound familiar that’s because it has technically been released before. A couple of months back, the news came out that several musicians had written songs for the film Juliet, Naked. The songs were written for and performed by Ethan Hawke, who plays a reclusive musician in the film. One of those songs was “LAX.” But now “LAX” has been re-performed in a stripped down rendition by the original writer Conor Oberst. The new version comes courtesy of Amazon’s ongoing Produced By series, which is currently showcasing some songs produced by musician Simone Felice (of Felice Brothers). “LAX” is one of those songs. But not only that, the new version also features some backing vocal work from Phoebe Bridgers. It’s not quiet as duet-sounding as the Bridgers track “Would You Rather,” but the two still sound hauntingly good together.

Stream “LAX” right here.


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