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Craig Owens launches new project badXchannels

Craig Owens has launched his latest musical project badXchannels!

Owens explained, “badXchannels comes from the idea that there is potential for the understanding of beauty and art in unordinary and strange places, unfiltered by the flaws of humanity. badXchannels represent the static stations on your television, the one’s coming into your living room without a network or a sales pitch attached… basically pre-homogenization.”

As part of the project, Owens recently filmed a live performance of “Blue Abyss” featuring Fifty Grand. “Blue Abyss was written with my friend Elliott (Fifty Grand),” Owens said. “It’s an ethereal string / synth-driven track that moves at its own pace, coming and going when it pleases… a self-introspection of sorts centered around an inner battle of ultimate truth.”

Check it out:

Written and recorded on Wonderland Avenue, “Blue Abyss” took inspiration from the infamy of the area. “There were a few reasons Elliott and I decided to record write and record the track on Wonderland Avenue,” Owens explained. “Anywhere you choose to create, the things around you crawl into what you’re making and eventually show influence. The neighborhood’s famous for its hauntingly eclectic and darker leanings. From Zappa and the Houdini House to Joni Mitchell and Lookout Mountain, to the Four On The Floor murders. This was a common shared interest between Elliott and me that we discovered very quickly and decided to commit ourselves to seeing what so many brilliant trailblazers before us had seen.”

With his new project, Owens will be free to follow his own muse. He is self-releasing, and therefore free from the constraints enacted by a record label’s presence. “I’ve always sympathized with what is direct, serious, and heartfelt in any art I revel in,” he said. “As I continue to grow, so does the music I make and the genuine self-expression within it.”

“I’ll be consistently working in the studio releasing new music, playing random tour stops from now through the summer and continuing to share more of my journey as it continues to unfold,” he continued. “My goal moving forward is the communication of genuine ideas, and to persist on the exclusion of what’s conventional and self-parading in anything that I write. Honestly, I’m just happy to be making music and moving forward with my life, in a way I can genuinely build on, and be proud of.”

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