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DAE drop incredible Pro Tools animated video for “Where We’re Going”



DAE, the musical project of producer REAZON and singer Lwam, have just dropped what is likely the best music video you’ll see this year. The LA-based alt-pop group released their single “Where We’re Going” way back in 2014. And shortly after that initial release, they opted to go big for their music video debut.

Throughout the past four years, DAE have been putting in a vast amount effort in crafting the official video, which is now finally out in the world. The video is the result of REAZON opting to use the digital recording software Pro Tools in an entirely new and unconventional way. The end result is an astounding, ambitious work of art.

Speaking about the video, REAZON says:

“This music video was created using the digital recording software known as ProTools. It is a software designed for the purpose of composing, recording, editing and mixing music & audio. After nearly half of my lifetime working in Pro Tools creating music, I decided I wanted to create something entirely different. I used the audio regions (waveforms) as a medium for stop motion animation by arranging them into the art you see on screen. This video is 4 years in the making. it required hundreds of “save as” versions of the “Where We’re Going” recording session and a trial and error process consisting of 10,000+ screenshots and countless hours of work. I”m happy to say, it’s finally here! Thanks for watching.”

Check it out down below. PS: the experience is enhanced with when you jump to 1080p in full-screen mode.


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