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Father John Misty shares new single/video “Please Don’t Die”



Father John Misty last released an album just a year ago with the lengthy, sad Pure Comedy. And already he’s set to follow it up with God’s Favorite Customer. The lead-up to the new album has been much more subdued than what we’ve come to expect from him. When he released his last LP, we got lengthy descriptors about its themes as well as handfuls of interviews about the project. But for this new one, the announcement came along with a few singles. Josh Tillman (Father John Misty) hasn’t shared too many words about his upcoming fourth studio album, instead letting the music speak for itself.

Already, we’ve gotten glimpses at what that music is. Instrumentally, it recalls the more arranged sound of I Love You, Honeybear. Lyrically, it’s far more confessional and straightforwardly personal than he’s been on past records. Well now we’ve got yet another hint at what the whole of God’s Favorite Customer will be with the release of new single “Please Don’t Die.” The song was played live just a week ago, and now there’s a beautifully constructed stop-motion animation video to go with the studio version. In it we see Tillman being stuck in a hotel room (incidentally, this is the inciting incident for the creation of this LP) before falling into hell. Give it a watch right below here.

God’s Favorite Customer is out this Friday. Pre-order it now.


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