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Fleet Foxes announce ‘First Collection’ box set



Fleet Foxes made quite the impression on listeners when they dropped their debut EP Sun Giant back in 2008. Their self titled debut full length came just a few months later, and was met with equal near universal praise. This one-two punch of albums so adored so quickly led the band to becoming one of the biggest and best in the indie rock scene. They just released their third record Crack-Up last year, to some more mixed reactions. And although the band have not announced a new album (though it appears they’re working on one), they’ve just announced the next best thing.

Fleet Foxes have just shared that a big new box set of all their early material is on the way. First Collection 2006-2009 will be released November 9 via Sub Pop. The 4LP set will collect the band’s debut EP and full length alongside a demos EP and a disc of b-sides and rarities. All told, there will be 30 tracks to dig into. The demos EP, originally titled The Fleet Foxes EP, was actually released before, albeit in extremely limited quantities and without a label. The b-sides/rarities is totally new to this set. The set will also contain a 32 page booklet featuring early artwork, lyrics, and flyers from the time period.

Down below you’ll find the full tracklist for First Collection 2006-2009 plus some photos of the set. You can also check out a little video trailer for the collection directly below here.

01 Sun It Rises
02 White Winter Hymnal
03 Ragged Wood
04 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
05 Quiet Houses
06 He Doesn’t Know Why
07 Heard Them Stirring
08 Your Protector
09 Meadowlarks
10 Blue Ridge Mountains
11 Oliver James
12 Sun Giant
13 Drops in the River
14 English House
15 Mykonos
16 Innocent Son
17 She Got Dressed
18 In the Hot Hot Rays
19 Anyone Who’s Anyone
20 Textbook Love
21 So Long to the Headstrong
22 Icicle Tusk
23 False Knight on the Road
24 Silver Dagger
25 White Lace Regretfully
26 Isles
27 Ragged Wood (Transition Basement Sketch)
28 He Doesn’t Know Why (Basement Demo)
29 English House (Basement Demo)
30 Hot Air (Basement Sketch)

Pre-order First Collection 2006-2009 right here.


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