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gerard way getting down the germs gerard way getting down the germs


Gerard Way shares new single “Getting Down the Germs”



Gerard Way‘s come a long way since he’s MCR days (RIP), and his new single “Getting Down the Germs” is more evidence of that. Light and fun, the song would have been at home on The OC soundtrack (which is the highest compliment).

Way took to social media to explain the song’s meaning:

“Hey all, I released a new song today called Getting Down The Germs. It’s about a few different things. Grey lights, squirmy worming wiggly worms. Germs. It has flute. I love the flute. I have always wanted a song with flute in it. And so this exists. ⠀
With these songs I’m releasing, I’m trying to see how many months I can go with putting one out, but there might be skip months if we miss deadlines, I dunno, I just want to keep going. The idea behind all of these songs is to not overthink it. Just go with the first instincts, lead with the art. Keeping a steady flow of creativity going, so you’ll hear more experiments. This one is a bit different than anything I’ve done so I was really looking forward to getting it out. I really want to share. ⠀
I wrote this song on guitar. I played a Fender Telecaster Deluxe. It was springy. It was a good friend. It has a ghost sticker on it now. I laid down the vocals and guitar with Doug at our studio, Milk Friends. Then my good buddy Ray Toro came over to hang out and jam and laid down some sweet bass and drums. Then, our new friend Sara Andon came in and absolutely shredded it on the flute. And last but not least, my lovely and talented wife, Lindsey Way, made some amazing art for it.
I hope you dig it. Crank up that flute!” 

Listen here:

Get the track here.

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