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Italian pop-punk Dance! No Thanks drops new single “Live It Up”



dance! no thanks

The brand new single “Live It Up”  features a guest appearance by Bert Poncet of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!.

“This song is the most positive we’ve ever written,” says guitarist/vocalist Luca Babbiotti. “It’s about letting go of the past and enjoying every moment of this life without being afraid of making mistakes or worrying about people’s opinions and most importantly self forgiveness. Things don’t always go the way we plan and we tend to blame ourselves for that but it’s totally wrong because we can actually get into a dangerous and negative circle that can affect our minds. What we can do is be the best version of ourselves, follow our dreams, hoping that everything will be alright. If it doesn’t work out at least we can say we tried. No one likes regret.” 
The video for the new single was shot in the band’s home country of Italy and features a cameo appearance by Bert Poncet from the popular French pop-punk band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!.
“Shooting the video was pretty fun,” adds Babbiotti. “We filmed it around the streets of Milan and in a venue where we played a few times. It’s been great working with Lucerna Films ( once again, they are super professional guys and also close friends. Arguably the best part was having Bert from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk in the video. We were already excited that he was featured in our song; when we found out he could come to the shoot we were beyond stoked. We also had some time to hang out; he’s a really nice dude as well as an amazing performer. We have so much to learn from him. It’s an experience we will never forget and we hope that everyone gets the song’s message to just live it up.”
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