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Jenny Lewis shares new single “Heads Gonna Roll”



Late next month, we’ll finally be hearing a full new album of material by one the best modern songwriters, Jenny Lewis. Naturally, this album drop kind of feels like an event in itself considering the pedigree Lewis has carried throughout her near-spotless career. It’s also a big deal simply because we’ve been waiting about five years to hear some new solo music. Since the start of her musical journey with band Rilo Kiley, Lewis has continued to grow and change with nearly every subsequent release. 2014’s The Voyager was the culmination of everything that came before, presenting Lewis as a classic-styled songwriter, a role she fits comfortably in. Already it sounds as if new album On The Line will be furthering her sound in this direction. You can hear it on the recently released lead-off single “Red Bull & Hennessy,” but it’s even more apparent with the newly released “Heads Gonna Roll.” 

“Heads Gonna Roll” presents the more low-key side of Jenny Lewis, focusing on a steady rhythm and swelling strings. But as is the case with much of her material, the focus here sits firmly on her golden voice and well-spun lyrical imagery. It’s actually the opening track from On The Line, which makes perfect sense considering how great a tone-setter it is. It’s a nicely well-rounded piano ballad, whose pristine production lifts the song to new heights. It’s also got THE Ringo Starr playing drums on it, so there’s that too.

Give a listen to “Heads Gonna Roll” below.

On The Line is out March 22. Pre-order it here.


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