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Kid Cadaver drop groovy bop “Sleep Touching”

The duo returns with their first single in over two years.

Originally premiered by BuzzBandsLA, new material from electro-pop pair Kid Cadaver has finally arrived. Back in 2015, the group released their sophomore EP Roam and, in 2016, a one-off single, “Personal Addict.”

The interim, said singer-songwriter Ray Venta, was shrouded by writer’s block.

“I wasn’t sure we would ever release more music as Kid Cadaver until I wrote ‘Sleep Touching,'” Venta told BuzzBandsLA.

Fortunately, the single kickstarted a wealth of new material for a forthcoming EP. As of July 28, Kid Cadaver have also resumed performing live, receiving a warm welcome from fans at Los Angeles’ The Hi Hat.

“This feels like a much more honest version of Kid Cadaver,” said Venta–“which is something I can see myself exploring for a long time.”

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