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Kris Angelis’ upcoming EP “Pieces That Were Stolen” drops August 3rd



Kris Angelis explores loss and love on her new EP, “Pieces That Were Stolen,” out on August 3rd.

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter returns to a more focused folk-pop style on her latest release as she explores the idea letting go of what no longer serves you, and setting yourself free. The artist has built a career on crafting songs that are insightful and authentic, infusing life experience and self reflection into each track she writes. Her music has won awards internationally, including the 13th International Acoustic Music Award for Best Female Artist, LA Music Critics Award for Best Female EP, and she was named a finalist at the 2016 International Songwriting Competition.

For this EP, Anglis worked with producer Billy Lefler and co-wrote with a number of prolific writers, including Rich Jacques (Lisa Loeb), Garrison Star, and Mallory Trunnel (of duo Crimson Calamity). The EP was over a year in the making, a year in which Angelis experienced some impactful losses and personal explorations. Those themes are rampant throughout each song, making for a truly stunning listening experience.

First single, “Photobooth” looks back on one of those unforgettable little moments that relationships are built on. Witty and reminiscent, the feel-good hand clap chorus and bright melody make for a track filled with lyrical sunshine. It’s a powerful yet light-hearted take on how that first initial spark of a relationship bursts to life, and how easily that spark can flicker out. “The Sparrow,” written by Angelis and Billy Lefler and Grammy Award-winner Rich Jacques (Lisa Loeb), is a harrowingly emotional song about fearlessly flying into the unknown for someone that you love. Angelis captures the magic of giving yourself fully over to another human being, and how that love can transcend what we’re able to face, both emotionally and physically, as we journey through life.

On “Bravest,” Angelis reflects on the strength it takes to leave a toxic situation. Mostly composed of just her vocals and a guitar, the track tenderly aches with unrelenting emotion and sadness. Written over a number of years, it was a track that continued to speak to the songwriter, before it finally found its soft and subtle resting place in this stunning finished product. The final track, “Stained Glass” explores the idea of human beings fusing together their broken parts to create something beautiful. Co-written with Garrison Star, the melody washes over you like a refreshing breath of air. Airy and quiet, Angelis’s vocals float and glide effortlessly as she reflects on the idea of making art out of pain. It’s the perfect end to an EP that remarks honestly on loss, love, and self-confidence.

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