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Listen to Craig Finn covering “Fault Lines” by The Mountain Goats



Craig Finn (of The Hold Steady) released a really great solo album earlier this year. The Mountain Goats also released a really great album this year. And now, those two great worlds are colliding in the form of a new cover.

The cover comes courtesy of the ongoing podcast series I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats, wherein frontman John Darnielle dissects his album All Hail West Texas track by track. Each episode also contains a cover of the track that is discussed. This week, the new episode tackles the fifth track “Fault Lines.”

The idea of Craig Finn covering a song from The Mountain Goats is too perfect. Both Darnielle and Finn have made a living crafting brilliantly well-written story-songs to their respective rabid fanbases. They also have a history of being pretty friendly with each other, so one can assume this wonderful creation was inevitable.

Listen to Finn’s cover of “Fault Lines” down below, and listen to the full episode of I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats right here.


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