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Local Natives go for the sparse and surreal in video for new song “Tap Dancer”



Local Natives are gearing up for the release of their anticipated fourth studio album Violet Street on April 26. The band kicked things in March with back-to-back single releases. And today they’re here once again with another single, “Tap Dancer.” The new track will close things out on the new LP, which apparently is the thing to do these days as many singles lately have been album closers. Why? No idea.

”Tap Dancer” keeps up the promise that was set with the previously released singles. The band last released a new album with 2016’s Sunlit Youth, which showed them stretching into a more overstuffed and pop friendly sound. But based on these three singles from Violet Street, it sounds like they’re turning things down a bit once again. They all have a clear catchiness to them, but with a heavier dose of melancholy, or subtler soundscapes. The new single is no exception as it keeps things to a calmer, more cleanly layered sound.

Local Natives have opted to drop “Tap Dancer” along with a beautiful new video for you to marvel at. Directed by Jonathan Chu, the video strips things down to s surreally constructed dance routine performed by Micaela Taylor. And it’s all in one elegant single take. Check it out down below.

Pre-order Violet Street right here.


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