Mastersystem pay tribute to Scott Hutchison with “Old Team” video

Back in April of this year, a new side project from the Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison materialized  in the form of Mastersystem. They released their debut album Dance Music with little buildup or fanfare, but it remained something of a unique project itself. The band was formed by a pair of brothers. There was Scott and Grant Hutchison (both of Frightened Rabbit) and Justin and James Lockey (Justin of Editors, James of Minor Victories). The album was in the same spirit of the best side-projects, with it being an outlet for four friends to have a lot fun making music together without any sort of lofty ambitions.

Just about a month following the release of Dance Music, Scott Hutchison took his own life. The news came suddenly, shocking friends, family, and fans. That day the world lost an incredible talent. Hutchison always threw himself full-heart into all of his musical projects, with Mastersystem being only the most recent example. Before the tragic event, the band did complete a short initial tour, which will now go down as their only one. To celebrate that experience, as well as the life of Scott Hutchison, Mastersystem have now shared an official video for album track “Old Team.”

Although the video for “Old Team” is comprised entirely of tour footage, it’s quite an emotional ride. This of course, stems from the fact that we see Hutchison alive and having a ball as the band rip through sets. But it’s also fairly emotional for the simple fact that “Old Team” was Scott’s favorite track on all of Dance Music. According to the video, it’s also the one that initially kicked things off for the band. It’s not hard to see why as it contains the band at their tightest, and Scott as the height of his most potent lyrics. It’s also a nice reminder of how much joy Scott brought to those around him, and subsequently all of us. Although he’s gone now, that joy can still be felt every time we hear his music.

Check out “Old Team” down below.

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