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mewithoutYou release new single “Julia,” tease something bigger

Every Monday morning needs a little spice, and this week that spice has been provided by mewithoutYou. This morning the group unexpectadly dropped a new single, the biblically titled “Julia (or, ‘Holy to the LORD’ on the Bells of Horses).” In true mewithoutYou fashion, there’s a few teasers for something more coming soon.

The song is a veritable maelstrom of guitars, a chunky and dense track that chugs along ominously. The vocals are fairly light through most of the track, but also include some screaming as “Julia” reaches its peak. The accompanying lyric video is equally foreboding, with the lyrics and footage displayed as a decaying, old-time movie.

Check out “Julia” here:

The news doesn’t stop there with mewithoutYou, however. On mewithoutYOU’s website, there’s a pre-order countdown for the end of the week that’s ticking down to something. Below that is a hidden password entry field, although a comment on Reddit states this is a developer holdover. What’s not a developer holdover is the fact that if you highlight the empty space at the bottom of the webpage, there are hidden lyrics down there. In addition, the tweet that announced the new single has the phrase “magnet of the elk park” highlighted.

Are mewithoutYou gearing up for the followup to 2015’s Pale Horses? Is there a potential tour coming? Keep tuning back in here for updates.


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