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Oneohtrix Point Never announces new EP(s)



Oneohtrix Point Never (Daniel Lopatin) is on a hot streak right now. Early last month, OPN released his excellent ninth studio record Age Of. And now he’s looking to drop some new music in the form of two EPs. Well, two versions of essentially the same EP. The Station and We’ll Take It are each set to release July 27, arriving on two different formats.

The Station will be the digital only version of the EP, featuring album track “The Station” alongside 3 additional new songs. We’ll Take It will be out on a physical-only 12″ vinyl. It will be swapping “The Station” for another album track “We’ll Take It,” but the 3 additional songs will remain the same. Out of the 3 new tracks, the closer “Trance 1” is one you might have heard before. That’s because it was releases a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Age Of. OPN shared that track right before the album release, but perhaps you missed it. So go ahead and give it a listen below.

The Station

01 The Station
02 Monody
03 Blow By Blow
04 Trance 1


We’ll Take It

01 We’ll Take It
02 Monody
03 Blow By Blow
04 Trance 1

For pre-order bundles for both EPs head right here.


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