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Owen-Glass share new single “Saint” off forthcoming album ‘The Rope & The Rabbit’

Hailing from the Piney Woods of East Texas, singer/songwriter Kelly Wayne Conley and guitar prodigy Cole Humphrey are gearing up for the release of the debut album of their indie folk rock project Owen-Glass.

The album The Rope and The Rabbit will be released May 10th. Until then, the duo is giving fans a taste of what they have to offer with their new single “Saint.”

“It’s about the feeling of isolation or ostracization that comes when you embrace the sort of rugged individualism it takes to really think freely and critically,” said the duo. “When you’re pushing hard, trying to find truth, something to hold onto that is uniquely yours—something that gives your life unique meaning and purpose—you’re going to alienate and offend people along the way. When you involve yourself in the world of ideas, there will be people, sometimes people you truly love and respect, even, who will reject you. They may think you’re evil, they may think you’re crazy. And that’s a really emotional experience.”

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  1. Owen-Glass’s “Saint”… blew me away. Such a beautiful song with such an intense feeling. Can’t wait for the album release! Awesome music!

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