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Panda Bear announces new EP ‘A Day With The Homies’



Animal Collective member Panda Bear has made quite an impressive solo career for himself over the past decade or so. He’s released some of the best AnCo-related material out of anyone in the group, and now he’s on track to wow everyone again.

Over the past week or so, Panda Bear started releasing lyrics to unreleased songs online, and now that little promotion has culminated in the announcement of his new EP, A Day With The Homies. The EP will feature 5 new songs and will be only available to purchase on vinyl.

Panda Bear last released a full length in 2015 with the frenetic electronica-heavy album Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. That LP was preceded and followed by two EPs, so whether or not A Day With The Homies is the preamble to the next full length is anyone’s guess. For the time being though, let’s all just rejoice in the fact that Panda Bear is back.

Check out the cover art and tracklist down below.

01 Flight
02 Part of the Math
03 Shepard Tone
04 Nod To The Folks
05 Sunset

A Day With The Homies is out (only on vinyl) January 12. Preorder it right here.


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