Parasite Inc. share “Once and for All” video

Five years after the release of their debut album, the German death-metal group is weeks away from dropping their sophomore full-length.

It’s thanks to an authentic sound that Parasite Inc.’s worldwide fan base continues to grow: “no clean vocals, no softeners, no compromise.”

Recently the quartet unveiled a new video for “Once and for All,” the second single off their forthcoming album Dead and Alive out August 17. The clip, presented in a widescreen format, features mesmerizing tones and plenty of smoke–topped off with alternating close-up shots of speedy shredding.

Compared to lead single “Headfuck Rollercoaster,” Parasite Inc. self-describe “Once and for All” as “even faster, more melodic and more aggressive.”

The band will play an exclusive release show at the Summer Breeze Open-Air festival in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, scheduled for August 15-18. Dead and Aliveto release through Reaper Entertainment Europe, is now available for pre-order.

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