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Phoebe Bridgers drops mournful new “Christmas Song”



Last year Phoebe Bridgers dropped her great debut full-length Stranger In The Alps. This year, she teamed up with fellow musicians Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus to release an EP under the name boygenius. She also teamed up with Conor Oberst for a new song, and shared a deluxe edition of her debut. And yet despite remaining busy, she’s not quite finished for the year. For today, she’s dropped a new Christmas song simply titled “Christmas Song.” 

“Christmas Song” is a cover originally by the Omaha-based band McCarthy Trenching. The song concerns itself with being lonely for during the holidays, and as such, Bridgers delivers a perfectly heart-wrenching performance. She’s also got Jackson Browne delivering some great backing vocals on the track. The entire piece is rather nice to hear this time of year. Although we get used to the manic joy of Christmas music, it’s always great to get a Christmas themed track with a sadder spin to it.

Phoebe Bridgers shared a statement about her choice of cover:

“McCarthy Trenching is singer-songwriter Dan McCarthy’s band. We played a show together in Omaha this last year. They named the band after the trenching company owned by Dan’s uncle so they could sell those t-shirts instead of having to make their own. The first time I heard this song it hit me like a ton of bricks. A lot of McCarthy Trenching songs do that. It’s not that often that I hear a Christmas song that doesn’t make me want to quit music. I played a show in L.A. around the holidays last year where I covered it for the first time. Jackson Browne was there, and he came up to me after the show to tell me how much he loved the song. A couple days later, Dan got a Bandcamp notification on his desktop computer that someone paid 50 bucks for his record and wrote a nice note and signed it Jackson Browne. He thought someone was fucking with him. So when I decided to record a version of the song, I knew who I wanted to sing on it. Plus, I have wanted to make music with Jackson as long as I’ve wanted to make music.”

So last year we got a cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” and this year we get “Christmas Song.” Here’s to hoping Bridgers makes these Christmas covers an annual tradition. Give a listen to “Christmas Song” right below here.

Do some holiday shopping by picking up a copy of Stranger In The Alps for yourself or a loved one right here. Or buy a copy of the great boygenius EP here.


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