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Raleigh’s WhoIAre talk who they are and how they came together



We are a three piece “rock” band. Aaron (guitar) and Doug (drums) both studied classical guitar back in school. Ironically, at the same school in Syracuse NY but at separate times.  Bernard (bass) studied a handful of instruments in a music program at his school as well. His primary instrument was upright bass. 

What got you all started in music? And how did you come together as a band?
The three of us have very different influences – Aaron (Pink Floyd, Phish, Dead, Ryan Adams,Beck)   Bernard (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Band of Gypsies, Kings of Leon, James Brown) and Doug (Zappa, Van Halen, Victor Wooten and G Love)
The band, WhoIAre, was the brainchild of Bernard and Boaz Helms. Bernard from the start had the drive to push it. They started by playing the streets of downtown Raleigh for the first summer.
Come January ‘17 Aaron posted an ad on Craigslist looking for people to jam with – and Bernard answered.
For the first month, we focused on improv and then by March started developing our catalog. Our focus was originals, by the end of the month we had about 5 songs mapped out. We recorded our first demo, with Derek at Raleigh Records (Found on Craigslist) at the end of March. By the way, Derek spent over 25 hours recording in total working with us – for free. He was extremely important in us getting off the ground.
Around that same time Katie Martin Jack came into the band (Again Craigslist). We recorded on her second practice and she jumped right into it feet first. She brought a whole different depth to our music, and we started to have the family band vibe between us. She is a very talented musician.
By June, we started gigging pretty regularly. Had a few rough shows and a few amazing shows. By the end of the summer we had up around 15 songs ready. We recorded the second half of demo in August.
Doug, joined the band back in Sept ‘18. (Again Craigslist)   We threw him into the fire pretty quick (gig after three practices).  He has brought a whole new feel to our music as well and we are really start to click right now.
How is the music scene in Raleigh for you guys? Do you find it easy for local bands to get a chance to perform at good venues?
The Triangle has an amazing music scene. We have met so many talented musicians, artists, and have made some great friends along the way. The place that helped build our confidence was Imurj. We were at that open mic for two months before we started gigging. It has such a diverse and talented crowd. Great place.
What are your plans to start 2019? Shows? New music?
Overall, we have been grinding over the last year and we will continue to do so. We took any open gig, and played as much as we could. People need to hear this!  We have to build that fan base. It’s tough as an original band because sometimes you are left out of some venues/bars that have crowd built in because we aren’t playing those songs people know. We get it, don’t like it but get it.
Last year we played The Cave, 2nd Wind, Clayton Beverage (great place for original music), Deep South Bar,  and Imurj, just to name a few.
2019 is going to be a big year for us.  We are getting better opportunities and people seem to be into the music.  We have some big gigs in Wilmington at the Whiskey (Mar 22nd) and The Juggling Gypsy Cafe (June 14th) and Wrightsville beach at the Palm Room (June 15th). And are really trying to those gigs in The Triangle where we can get in front of people, cause we know we can get “them”.   We have confidence in our Music. As of now we have over 24 originals ranging from straight ahead rock n roll to smoky lounge music.  We can make them scratch their head one song and immediately after play something to warm their heart and soul.  Goal is get them recorded in 2019 and release our first album.
If you could choose one comic book character to be, who?
As far as a comic book hero, Bernard identifies with The Punisher.  We will just leave that at that.


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