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Sharon Van Etten shares blistering new single “Seventeen”



We are now just a little over a week out from the release of Sharon Van Etten‘s new album Remind Me Tomorrow. The LP was initially announced last year, months ahead of the release date. And thus far, we’ve gotten two great tracks from the project. “Comeback Kid” was the buzzing, poppy lead-off single, while “Jupiter 4” was more of the slow-burn, atmospheric track. And today Van Etten has shared the next (and possibly last) advanced song from the new album with “Seventeen.”

Sharon Van Etten kind of shook up expectations with “Comeback Kid,” a song that redefined her sound as something much more synth and electronic-heavy. It was a shock at first, but Van Etten has easily settled into the new style with her own grace. “Jupiter 4” was more of the spacey (sorry) sound one might expect from her, but it still predominantly featured synth work. Now there’s “Seventeen,” which is sort of like a cross between the other two. It’s got the electricity of “Comeback Kid,” but the slow-build of “Jupiter 4.” As the song moves through each verse and chorus, it escalates more and more until Van Etten lets her voice absolutely explode. It’s a thrilling climax, and a great way to cap off (presumably) the build-up to the release of Remind Me Tomorrow.

Check out the Maureen Towey-directed video for “Seventeen” right down below.

Remind Me Tomorrow is out January 18. Pre-order it here.


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