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Stream: Debut full-length album from Violet Night ‘Colours Of You’



Violet Night

“Our hope, beyond being there for people, is to inspire them to create their own Colours Of You. Music is therapeutic for both of us. It’s carried us through the sunniest days and most violent storms of our lives,” shares vocalist/guitarist Connor Pohl.

“We just wanted to make something to give to others what we’ve received from so many beautiful records. There are no words to describe the feeling we get as artists knowing the music is resonating with people and helping them, even if it’s just enough to get out of bed in the morning.”He continues: “We grew up on everything from heavy metal and rap, to emo and pop. We try to create a colorful mosaic of all those influences when we write; we’ve never created with borders or put limitations on what we are allowed to sound like. We’ll always do whatever feels most honest to us at that moment in our lives and I think we’ve done that here. We are really proud of the album and hope the hues presented complement yours: the colors of you.”

Colours of You Tracklisting:

1. Depths

2. Young Guns

3. Where We Began

4. Sparks

5. North

6. Choir of Your Mind

7. Secrets

8. Lions

9. In the Night

10. Colours of You

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