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Stream Earl Sweatshirt’s strange new single “Nowhere2go”



Yesterday, Earl Sweatshirt posted a teaser video on his Instagram to share news of new music coming today. At the time, he had simply said “NOWHERE2GO” was coming today. We were all unsure what exactly this was. Was it a new album? Or simply a new single? Well, turns out it’s a new single. Today, Earl made good on his promise and dropped new single “Nowhere2go,” and it’s…quite a strange way to announce his return.

“Nowhere2go” is unlike much of what we’ve heard from Earl Sweatshirt, aside from the fact that he still has a command over his impeccable flow. The instrumental underneath his rapping is a hazy, bizarre, skittering sample, giving the song a headier atmosphere than anything Earl’s done before. The song also runs at just under 2 minutes, which is a strange choice itself for a “lead” single. I mean, we’re assuming it’s a lead single. There’s gotta be a full album coming really soon, right? Right? Right?

I suppose “Nowhere2go” is bound to disappoint people. Without any notion of there being a full album today, many people across the net assumed that’s what would be happening. But Earl never said that. So to wake up today and only have a very short single is sure to put a downcast on some. It’s also bound to disappoint simply because it sounds like an odd choice for a single. It’s hard to get fully swept up in such a short track, but perhaps we should all try. Listen to it a number of times before casting judgement.

Check it out below.


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