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As we reported yesterday, Vince Staples has just released his new album FM! It dropped late last night on all the usual platforms. And although no one quite knew what this album was going to be, FM! remains a surprising listen. The album features just 11 tracks, running at a brisk 22 minutes. It feels a little cheap to call this a proper album, and according to Staples it isn’t really. He claims he made this one in between working on his third album, with the purpose being to make (presumably) himself happy. And it does sound that way immediately.

As one might expect based on the album title (and even artwork), FM! plays a radio pumping out songs. Amidst the album’s actual tracks, there are a few skits that tie the theme all together. Among them, two previews of upcoming tracks by Earl Sweatshirt and Tyga, styled as promo radio ads. So, although the album runs very short, it’s not remotely short on ideas. And the way Staples uses radio and summer as themes to dive into fun, and often dark places shows he hasn’t lost any spark between albums. 

Stream FM! on any platform you so desire right here. 

Additionally, Vince Staples dropped a crazy good new video for album track “Fun!” which you should watch below. 

You can also pre-order a vinyl copy of FM! here. 


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