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Synth pop duo Loom:ngs drop debut EP ‘Chapter One’



Loom:ngs are a new bedroom synth pop duo who’ve just splashed onto the scene with the release of their debut EP Chapter One. The band is a collaborative project between Zola Johnson and Daniel Lompouridis. The entirety of the EP was recorded in Miami in Daniel’s bedroom, hence why we can literally call this bedroom pop. While Lompouridis lays down a gorgeous genre-blending of sound, Zola takes control with her evocative, emotive voice.

Loom:ngs shared a little statement about the start of their project, and the naming of their EP Chapter One:

“We decided to name the EP “Chapter One” for obvious reasons as it’s our debut release, but it originated because “Loomings” is the first chapter of Moby Dick, which is Daniel’s favorite book.” Zola read Moby Dick the first summer the two met, and she explains that “because of that book, in a way, “Loomings” was the start of our collaboration, and now Chapter One is the start of Loom:ngs.”

Check out the album art and tracklist for Chapter One down below.

01 6:38
02 Sullenblue
03 Of Mine
04 Make This More
05 Love Will Tear Us Apart
06 Fault Line
07 Heads

Stream Chapter One right here, or purchase a digital copy here.


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