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The Home Team stun in latest video “Since We All Fell Apart”

Seattle’s The Home Team know today’s pop-punk scene requires stand-outs.

Merging gothic imagery with stop-motion graphics, the Revival Recordings quintet offers a refreshing sound on “Since We All Fell Apart”–if only reminiscent of the dark theatrics present on Set It Off’s earlier material.

Originally premiered via New Noise Magazine, the track marks The Home Team’s fourth single off their debut full-length, Better Off.

“‘Since We All Fell Apart’ is so unlike the rest of our material, not only in its sound but in its message,” said vocalist Brian Butcher. “It’s a song that highlights something dark and disturbing that happens more often than we think: emotional abuse through over-exerting control over another person. In this case, over a significant other. If you know of someone who suffers from this domestic dynamic, don’t stay quiet.”

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