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The Little Miss shares “Take Me, Too” off forthcoming album

The Little Miss brings real, powerful, and genuine music to the table. “Take Me, Too” off her forthcoming American Dream EP, is a beautifully vulnerable ballad.

“A happy ending is nothing without the hero’s journey,” The Little Miss states.

Take Me, Too” is a take-charge kind of song, a realization that life’s ups and downs are pivotal and that there is beauty in taking the winding path and the opportunities it brings.

The Little Miss adds, “I wrote ‘Take Me, Too’ shortly after moving to Los Angeles to pursue music. The weight of my pursuit was crushing. I knew two people, I couldn’t find a steady job and I didn’t know where to begin. More than anything, I wanted to jump ahead to the place in my story that said, ‘and she lived happily ever after.’ I didn’t want to do the leg work, stumble through awkward open mic nights or do anything that challenged me or my sense of self.

It’s rare these days to hear music that hits you with such honest emotion, but The Little Miss proves herself once again with her uplifting and empowering track, “She’s What We Need.” The Little Miss goes to show it doesn’t take much to make an impact. Sparse in nature, the track itself consists solely of vocals and some finger snaps.

She adds, “It feels like money and power rule all, and that there’s nothing we can do without having more resources. I want to empower the people by way of communicating that things can get done with sheer people (or person) power.”


Brian Cetina

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