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The Shins share goofy ‘The Worm’s Heart’ short film



The Shins dropped their fifth record Heartworms about a year ago. The Shins also dropped a new album The Worm’s Heart at the beginning of this year. Confused? Let me briefly explain. The new album (The Worm’s Heart) was a complete reworking of the old album (Heartworms). The fast songs were now slow, and the slow songs were now fast, plus some new instrumentation was added.

Although one might wonder why this was a thing, it’s a pretty cool experiment. Basically, there are now two versions of an album to choose from. Anyway, the new one hasn’t seemed to gain much traction, so this is your reminder that it exists. Oh, also The Shins want to let you know that too because they’ve just dropped a 14 minute short film for the album. It has a bunch of different weird set pieces, and a handful of tracks from The Worm’s Heart. It’s really nice to see James Mercer having some fun again. Check it below.

Purchase The Worm’s Heart right here, or stream it here. For comparison’s sake, give a listen to Heartworms too. 


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