Thom Yorke shares another ‘Suspiria’ track with “Open Again”

We’re now just two weeks away from hearing all 80 minutes of Thom Yorke‘s score for the upcoming film Suspiria. The film, directed by Luca Guadagnino, is headed to theaters the week following the music release. So, we’ll have plenty of time to absorb it before seeing how its used alongside the horror imagery. Leading up till now, Yorke has shared three diverse, creepy, hypnotizing songs from the score. Two tracks featured Yorke’s voice, while the third was purely a spooky instrumental. Today we get to hear another one of the vocal-heavy tracks. And once again, it’s a moody piece of music to sink into.

The new song “Open Again” once again sees Thom Yorke utilizing his unique voice to great effect. As we all know by now, a majority of the tracks from Suspiria are instrumental. But Yorke has opted to throw in a handful of tracks that play more like traditional songs, vocals and all. So far, we’ve heard how he’s used his voice to blend and twist around piano and electronic instrumentals. With “Open Again” we get finally get some prominent guitar work. It’s not something like a more rock-oriented Radiohead track though. Instead it’s much more downcast and atmospheric. It’s also the shortest song released thus far. In just under 3 minutes we hear some buzzing sounds alongside a cascading guitar line. It plays like a dark folk song, which is fairly different from the samplings we’ve heard up till now. However, it still traffics in the same eerie aura of the other tracks. Although we may not fully know what the full album has in store, it’s safe to assume it’ll be overflowing with this dark soundscape.

Listen to “Open Again” below.

Thom Yorke’s Suspiria score drops October 26. Pre-order it already.


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