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UNKLE announce new album ‘The Road: Part II / Lost Highway,’ share 2 new songs



Electronic music act UNKLE have just shared that a new album is on the way. Coming March 29The Road: Part II / Lost Highway, the new double disc project will be the follow-up and sequel to 2017’s The Road: Part 1. After seeing a good bit of acclaim with his new approach to making music, frontman James Lavelle has opted to continue on The Road.

Lavelle has shared this statement about the upcoming album:

“I started doing a show on Soho Radio in 2018, which made me think about playing records in a different way. It wasn’t about trying to make people dance in a nightclub. It was a breath of fresh air, and about playing a more eclectic mix. The Road: Part II was made in the same way – it’s a mixtape and a journey. You’re in your car, starting in the day and driving into the night. The language of it was to be the ultimate road trip.
It’s the mid-part of a trilogy. The first record is like you’re leaving home; you’re naive and on a journey of discovery. There are elements of my early days in there, as well as a bit of everything since. There’s an optimism and excitement to the record, as there was with me having to direct this project alone for the first time.
This record is the journey. You’re on the road, out there in the world. There are let downs, highs, lows, love, loss and experiences. The third record to come is basically about coming home; wherever that may be.”

The Road Part II / Lost Highway will be split into two acts across two discs. As is the case with UNKLE’s work, the new LP will feature a wide array of guest stars across all 22 tracks. To get a taster of what to expect, UNKLE have dropped two singles from the project with “Ar.Mour” and “The Other Side.” Check out both of those tracks right down below. Also below you’ll find the album art and full tracklist for The Road Part II / Lost Highway.

Act 1

01 Iter VI: Prologue (Feat. Elliott Power)
02 Requiem (When You Talk Love) (Feat. Mark Lanegan, Michèle Lamy, John Isaacs, Brian Cox)
03 Ar.Mour (Feat. Miink, Elliott Power)
04 Iter VII: Lost
05 The Other Side (Feat. Tom Smith, Philip Sheppard)
06 Feel More / With Less (Feat. Liela Moss, Miink, Philip Sheppard)
07 Nothing To Give (Feat. Miink, Elliott Power, Jon Theodore)
08 Iter VIII: However Vast The Darkness (Feat. Brian Cox)
09 Long Gone (Feat. Tessa Angus, Ysée, Philip Sheppard)
10 Only You (Feat. Miink, Wil Malone)
11 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Feat. Keaton Henson, Philip S)

Act II

01 Iter IX: Epilogue / Tales of the City (Feat. Elliott Power)
02 Crucifixion / A Prophet (Feat. Tom Smith, Ian Astbury, Chris Goss, Eska, Miink , BOC, Troy Van Leeuwen, Justin Stanley)
03 Powder Man (Feat. Chris Goss)
04 Kubrick (Feat. Mick Jones)
05 Sun (The) (Feat. Leila Moss)
06 Find an Outsider (Feat. The Big Pink)
07 Iter X: Found (Feat. Christiane Kubrick)
08 Days And Nights (Feat. Dhani Harrison, Philip Sheppard, Andrew Innes)
09 Reprise (Feat. Dhani Harrison)
10 Iter XI: In Your Arms (Feat. Brian Cox)
11 Touch Me (Feat. Leila Moss)

The Road: Part II / Lost Highway is out March 28 via James Lavelle’s own label Songs For The Def. Pre-order it here.


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