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Vampire Weekend drop 2 new singles, detail new album ‘Father Of The Bride’



Vampire Weekend are continuing on their slow rollout of music and information related to their upcoming new album Father Of The BrideBefore there was even a title or any bit of new music, the band had shared that they’d be dropping two new singles a month leading up to the album’s release. We got the first pair of singles at the very end of January. Throughout February, people wondered precisely when the next would drop. But they never did. Instead, Vampire Weekend announce a huge tour and shared an official video for lead-off single “Harmony Hall.” Now though, the band are back with a pair of singles to get you all stirred up in the hype again.

Leading up to today, most internet-savvy Vampire Weekend-die-hards knew that the two new tracks would be titled “Sunflower” and “Big Blue.” And surprise surprise they were right. Today, the band shared these two new songs, once again with little animated videos as accompaniment. Both tracks feel less like singles and more like teasers, though, considering their length. “Sunflower” is bright-lit 2 minute jam complete with those clean acoustic guitars we heard on “Harmony Hall.” “Big Blue” on the other hand is reminiscent of the other early single “2021” Although these new songs are nice enough, neither quite feel like a big single akin to “Harmony Hall.” But it’d be wise to remember that the new album contains 18 tracks and runs just under an hour, so it appears like many songs will be on the short and sweet side. Perhaps this also means the band are saving the more fuller-sounding, normal-length tracks for the album’s release. Which, now has an official release date.

Yes. Along with the new pair of singles, Vampire Weekend have also finally shared the album art and release date for Father Of The Bride. The highly anticipated new album is currently slated for release on May 3. The album art appears to be the globe logo the band had shared earlier in this release cycle, but now it’s officially official. At this point, the full list of track titles has not been shared yet. One would assume those might come when the next two singles drop (presumably next month). So stay tuned. But first…

Check out “Sunflower” and “Big Blue” down below. Beyond that, take a look at the album art for Father Of The Bride.

Oh yeah, you can also now pre-order Father Of The Bride in every format imaginable. So do just that right here.


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