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Vampire Weekend drop “Harmony Hall” video



Right now, you’d be hard-pressed to find an album as hotly anticipated as Vampire Weekend’s Father Of The Bride. Considering the six year stretch in time between the upcoming LP and 2013’s Modern Vampires Of The City, fans are throwing themselves at any bits of news that have come their way. Unsurprisingly, the band appear well-aware of this, and thusly have been slowly doling out announcements here and there. It all started to truly kick off, though, at the end of last month when we got two new singles from the album. And although the band are due to release two more new songs by this month’s end, no specifics have been shared just yet. Instead, today, Vampire Weekend decided to surprise us all with a new video for the previously released single “Harmony Hall.”

The release of “Harmony Hall” last month felt almost instantly invigorating. Yes, it’s a slightly tweaked direction for the band, but as a whole it sounded so perfectly at home with what we’ve come to expect. It has so many components that’ll keep you returning to it over and over until we get those two other new singles. It’s also clearly the big lead single for Father Of The Bride, as evidenced by the new video release. Although it might have been nice to wake up this morning to new music from Vampire Weekend, let’s not complain about the video itself for it’s quite a nice watch on its own. You’ve got frontman Ezra Koenig flipping pancakes, a snake that’s come to represent the art for the single, cameo appearances to be on the lookout for, and a clear 90s throwback sequence. Also, it’s another great excuse to play the song again. So do it. Right now.

Oh the band have also thrown together a flash sale of new merch up on their webstore. There are two simply designed shirts and a water bottle to choose from. What might this be indicating? More merch to come? A preorder for a physical copy of Father Of The Bride to come? Or maybe it’s just the band further hyping up their very devoted fanbase (of which I am obviously a part). Regardless, the fact remains that 1) the hype is working and 2) you gotta act fast on this new merch. Pick up the goods right here.

Father Of The Bride is due out sometime this Spring.


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