VISTA talk music and preparing for their Long Live Tour

How did you come together to form VISTA?

Hope: Greg messaged me on Facebook almost a year ago asking a ton of questions about VISTA! I was looking for a new guitarist and he just reached out after seeing some of my posts about it. I actually can’t believe we’re pretty close to the year anniversary of Greg being in VISTA already.

Greg: Yeah, it was honestly a shot in the dark but something gave me a bit of a gut feeling that this would be right. Happy I messaged her.

Talk briefly about what this new EP was like to record and what it means for you guys?

Hope: Honestly? We argued a lottt when we were making this record! I actually think that’s kind of a good thing though, surprisingly. Us arguing and butting heads meant that we both cared about the final product. We both wanted “Long Live” to be the absolute best it can be, and instead of having four or five different members with ideas, we only have two. So we really had to work to find a middle ground so we’d both be content with the outcome of each track. We got into this killer groove towards the last few recording sessions because we got to a point where we really understood each other as musicians and artists.

Greg: Everyone has their time to learn together when in bands. It took a little but but it actually took less longer than I expected it to. I have been through it before with ideas butting heads but it’s only natural when starting out. So yeah, worth it in the end. I’m happy with the final product.

Hope: You say it so modest, it’s so funny. We had blow outs sometimes.

What was it like to be ranked as one of the 100 women kicking ass in music?

Hope: It was super cool for Alternative Press to include us on that list! That list is filled with some incredibly insane talent, so it’s humbling to be included.

Greg: It was even cool for me cause I’m proud of my best friend. Hope roolz.

Hope: Thank you friend :’)

Who were some of your influences growing up and who are you listening to now?

Hope: Style wise, I’m extremely influenced by Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. They have such well-crafted personal styles, it’s insane. When it comes to music, I’m more so influenced by personal experiences and individual sounds or tones. I could list artists that I really like, but my inspiration for VISTA has always been experiences.

Greg: The Fall of Troy was a big one. Although Green Day was the first band I really got into when I started listening to music. Really liked My Chem too.

How do you feel as a group you have grown musically and as a “family” over the years?

Hope: The reason why Greg and I work as VISTA is because we’re actually friends. I’ve seen so many bands grow to be so frustrated with their bandmates and lose friendships over that frustration. But Greg and I are genuinely friends, good friends at that. There are

Greg: Yeah, me and Hope have just become more solid friends over the past year. It started out as more of a learning experience but we cut our teeth and have come out much stronger. Can’t wait for the future!

Do you have a favorite tour story?

Greg: Yeah, when I went to eat a snickers bar near Hope and she yelled at me cause she’s allergic to peanuts. That was like the first allergy fuck up I had and I felt like an idiot but I kind of think it was funny looking back at it, haha.

Hope: Dude, yeah. I actually usually post tweets before shows asking people to please not eat any kind of nuts if they’re planning on coming up to our merch table and saying hi! My EpiPen is expired right now so I need to grab a new one before we head out before The Long Live Tour. But Greg came up with this Snickers bar and I had a mini panic attack, nothing scares me more than peanuts or any kind of nuts. He felt so bad, I felt bad. Hahaha.

What are your plans for the back half of 2017?

Hope: We’re touring in August to promote “Long Live,” it’s our first headlining tour. I think the second half of this year is mainly just going to consist of touring to promote the record! I’m stoked to go to some brand new places and see more of the country.

Greg: Want to tour tour tour tour baby. Lets go! That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Hope: WE’RE ABOUT DO IT. WE’RE SO STOKED. Come out for The Long Live Tour!!!

Photo credited to Holly Turner.


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