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Watch: Brooke Candy’s latest music video for “WAR”

Brooke Candy has released "WAR," her latest subversive single, and she's not taking any prisoners.

With politically charged lyrics, Candy pushes listeners to chase after the change we’ve been searching for with “1, 2, 3, 4, everybody go to war”.

brooke candy war

“‘WAR’ speaks to what is happening on planet earth – how the political and cultural landscapes are so unfair,” says Brooke on the track. “It’s an anthem to wake people up and seek aggressive change in the world; to protest and shake things up.”
“Everything is so homogenized right now,” she continues. “I think we need originality and transparency. To make us think and to inspire us. If we want to evolve and transcend this fuckin’ Dark Age we’re living in we need to look towards honesty and integrity. Let’s look to the renegades in music. The ones who create solely on emotion and soul.”
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