Watch Julia Holter’s ‘Inside Aviary’ short film

Last Friday, Julia Holter released her new album Aviary out into the world. It’s a 90 minute, difficult, yet rewarding journey through a chaotic mind. Across all the tracks, Holter indulges herself in whatever sound and style she desires, and the results are ultimately stunning. Now five albums into her career, Holter has proven she won’t sit still for too long. Since her debut, she’s experimented with new ideas and structures. Aviary is the culmination of this experimentation, with songs that are endlessly fascinating to absorb. And in some ways, as you listen through this monumental project, you’ll want to try to pick apart what is going on. Luckily, Holter has shared a behind-the-scenes documentary that gives us some insight into the recording process.

Inside Aviary is a short, 7 minute documentary that chronicles some of the creation of Aviary. It features some bits of the recording sessions for the LP, with footage showcasing the talented collaborators that helped Holter make this masterful recording. It’s always nice to get a little bit of a peek into the formation of a song. And although Inside Aviary doesn’t necessarily show the entire process and hours spent making Aviary, it’s still a worthwhile document to dive into. And if you’re still someone unfamiliar with Aviary, now’s the perfect time to give it a listen. Many great albums have dropped in recent weeks, but Aviary stands apart from all of them for being fiercely unique and unapologetically indulgent. You’ll want to hear it.

But first, watch Inside Aviary down below.

Purchase Aviary right here, or stream it here.


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