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Watch: Melodic Metal The Silencer’s Music Video for “Die Trying”

Empowering and inspiring, The Silencer's "Die Trying" was written entrance as theme song for WWN Live Evolve Wrestling Superstar, Josh Briggs

Frontman Charlie Corletta had this to say about the track’s back story:

“The message of “Within” is that no matter what negative situations one might face in their life, there is always something that we hold onto within us all (an inner light and burning passion), that makes life worth living.”

the silencer

Corletta and bandmates entered the studio to record, “Within” which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by drummer Zaki Ali and for the first time, the single offers a deeper understanding of the multifaceted sound and direction that Corletta always envisioned. He was able to focus on the guitars, arrangement, and vocals where he was able to develop a more mature vocal styling. The video was shot and completed by Eric Dicarlo and SquareUp Studios. This time Corletta wrote and produced an intricate storyline regarding the resounding interpersonal and positive nature of the lyrical content. He wanted to dive into the issues that he feels are plaguing today’s youth, including suicide, bullying, mental health, social media exploitation, and sexual harassment, which are all examined in the music video.

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