Watch Mitksi play an acoustic version of “Geyser” on The Daily Show

It hasn’t even quite been exactly two months yet, but already many are ready to proclaim Mitski‘s new album Be The Cowboy as one of the best of the year. And it’s for very good reason as, well, it just is one of the best of the year. Her breakout album Puberty 2 might have been Mitski honing in on a style, but with Be The Cowboy she throws it all out the window and starts with multiple fresh sounds and genres to play around in. It’s a quick, varied, beautiful collection of songs. And if you don’t know that by now, that’s your problem.

Since the album’s release, Mitksi has of course been touring around the country. But before she makes a leap across the pond, she stopped by The Daily Show for a genuinely great appearance. She was first interviewed by Trevor Noah about Be The Cowboy (and it’s a really good interview). Then she closed out the entire show with a fantastic performance of lead single “Geyser.” 

“Geyser” was not only our first taste of Be The Cowboy, but it’s also the album opener. It sets a tone, in some represents, with Mitski singing her absolute heart out surrounded by a wash of synths. Her Daily Show performance, however, strips everything away and features just Mitski and her acoustic guitar. It’s a stark contrast to the album version, but an equally thrilling rendition. It also further highlights just how sublime her voice is.

Check out Mitski’s acoustic performance of “Geyser” down below. And head right here to watch her full interview on The Daily Show. 

Be The Cowboy is out now. Do yourself some good by picking up a copy here.


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