Watch Mitski’s moody “Washing Machine Heart” video now

About a week ago, the incomparable Mitski shared a new video for her song “Washing Machine Heart.” Originally it was put out as an exclusive to the Tidal streaming service. Therefore, many people (me included) missed out on it. But today, the video sees the full light of day with a wider release on YouTube.

Mitski released her newest album Be The Cowboy back in August. The album sounds like the true culmination of Mitski’s artistic expression. It moves through 14 tracks in just over 30 minutes, with ever-shifting soundscapes and ideas bursting forth. True to form, Mitski’s voice steals the show almost by itself, but it’s also her willingness to dive headfirst into new sound palettes on nearly every track that makes the LP one of the greats from the year.

“Washing Machine Heart” comes late in the album, but it’s a pretty solid approximation of Mitski’s commitment to a style. And as is her fashion, she executes it flawlessly in a quick two minutes. The song traffics in an eerie sounding melody, which plays neatly with the newly released video. It’s a black and white, almost noir-like atmospheric mood piece. It’s also further proof of Mitski’s unwavering ability to craft something stylish and substantive. Give it a watch below.

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